As you know, "Dirsi" is not only high-rise inhabited cases, but also the developed social and commercial infrastructure. From the first days of settling adults and children actively use sports and children's playgrounds, cycle paths, have a rest at the fountain. In the summer they stretched to drink tea and to eat something tasty in cafe, and also to buy products and soft drinks in a mini-market.

But here came September – the last month of preparation for opening of the first kindergarten "English World in Dirsi" where the advanced concept of children's development based on experience of teachers of the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia will be used.
These days staff members have practically finished works and, direct a luster on a facade and in rooms, arranging furniture. Toys take their places. In the yard streams of artificial falls cheerfully murmur, filling the small pool.
Opening is on the first of October! The kindergarten already began completing of groups. Everyone can register children here, by the website 
The remarkable team of professionals will work with pupils. What do they guarantee to children and their parents? 
- Safe, reliable and green environment.
- Modern infrastructure of the 21st eyelid - playgrounds and the unique yard with an amphitheater.
- Food according to the international standards.
- Studying of English on the basis of the program and the training materials of Great Britain intended especially for 3-5-year-old foreign children. 
- Development of mathematical skills on the basis of experience of school of Komarov.
- The program of training children for school developed by the known British school network - Buckswood .
- Highly skilled preschool teachers and nurses.
- Constant medical supervision.
- Various additional services.
- How they will work with children? 
- Children play, study and cheerfully spend time with each other. They have opportunity to prove in any business. Here interactive games are welcomed. 
- Children learn figures and the alphabet not according to the textbook, and on own daily experience of knowledge of world around. Got tired?They can go to the street if weather allows. Children shouldn't behave silently, it shouldn't be boring for them. 
But continuous development of the child and children's knowledge are very important, including knowledge of English and mathematics that are an important basis of their future success. For this purpose teachers will work with children in groups or independently. Children never remain without supervision. A lot of teacher's attention is paid to reading books for children throughout the day, and not just during group occasions.
There is more. The training program is adapted for those who ahead, and for those who need the additional help. Because children differ in age, experience and knowledge, they don't learn everything in this world in identical style and an identical manner. They different, but … 
All have to be happy in our kindergarten!

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