Dirsi Allocates GEL 200,000 to Fight Coronavirus

The company ‘Dirsi’ is setting up a fund to support the state in its fight against the new coronavirus and is expressing readiness to allocate GEL 200,000 to contribute to preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Georgia.

"Dirsi is supporting the government to face this challenge and is ready to allocate GEL 200,000 to fight the new coronavirus, known as COVID-19. GEL 100,000 will be mobilized in the fund “StopCov“ established under the initiative of the Prime Minister. With joint efforts, we will be able to successfully tackle the challenge soon and will be supporting process in the future,” the company said in a statement.

The company follows the recommendation of the government and the Center for Disease Control and is moving to a remote work regime. Disinfection works have been carried out in the complex and offices and all sanitary norms are being adhered to.

‘Dirsi’ is one of the largest investment projects and at the same time the largest completed residential complex in Tbilisi and Georgia.