Dirsi - a place for a successful start

The construction company "AS Georgia-Dirsi" has created a common work space for the Startups.

This is the place where people will be able to share their idea as reality.

In the area of "AS Georgia-Dirsi" Georgian startups will be able to continue daily activities for a symbolic price per month 1 sq.m for 1 GEL during 1 year.

Start-up business representatives, starters, entrepreneurs are offered a completely different environment than the company's working space.

Within the social responsibility of the company, a new product has been created for beginner entrepreneurs, startups and small entrepreneurs and the goal is to support small businesses and startups.

The new space has already hosted the first flow of starters, where small business representatives shared their activities.

30 businesses took the initiative in the DIRS space: Artistic and Reservation Workshops, NGOs, Advertising Agencies, Travel Agencies, Art Spaces, Photo Studios, Sewing Machines and etc.

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